Irresistible.  That’s the first thing up in my mind whenever seeing men (in good shape) in suits. A suit is the definitive male uniform in the modern world, and while the details may change from decade to decade or even season to season, the basics of a suit have remained the same for several years now.

(A Man in 1940s  – Classic suits)

(Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl)

Apparently, the impact of suits on men is quite similar with lingerie on women. Men go nuts when they see women in lingerie, there eyes pop out amongst other things, so to many of us women lingerie is to men, what suits are to women.Jeans and T-shirts are warm and inviting , men tend to be in there comfort zone when they slip them on, however there is something captivating about a man when he wears a suit, well groomed and polished a woman’s imagination is stirred by her inner desires when he walks into a room noticing every detail from head to toe and nudging her girlfriend asking, ” Is he wearing Giorgio or Valentino?

(Ryan Gosling – Wearing Three Pieces Suit)

(Clooney – Pitt – Damon – Drooling :P)

Some of us enjoy the man who wears the double-breasted suit and others enjoy the man who wears the single-breasted suit, paying close attention to his nail beds and demeanor when he moves, consciously taking a whiff of his cologne as he passes by.

(Ryan Gosling (again) – in Gucci Suits)

What is it that makes a woman stop and take a second look? He could be a robust man, a thin man, or an average size man, he could be strikingly handsome or simply plain but when he puts that suit on he becomes the knight in shining armor. Women do not care what the man looks like when he grooms himself paying close attention to every last detail, his shoes being well polished, hair in place women will take a second look when he steps in there path.

(Neil Patric Harris as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother)

So guys, you heard what Barney said. We love men in suits; irresistible. Ready? SUIT UP!!